"Wow let me first say I completely underestimated Guile. Guile opens itself up to reveal a very complex and intriguing metagame underneath its surface. There really is a “game within a game” here and it’s entertaining and engaging on multiple levels. An excellent game for two players who enjoyed spending quality time with each other while simultaneously attempting to manipulate the hell out of their opponent."

- Father Geek

"If this kind of meta-game (deduction and bluffing) sounds like something you’d enjoy, then you will find a lot to love with Guile. Guile is an interesting game and unlike much else I’ve played. The micro game genre has really taken off of late and I think Guile is a good game to fill its unique niche."

- Board Game Quest

"The games in Guile were always very close. The creators also encourage players to add their own meta elements to the game to make it more fun and interactive. Guile is here to satisfy a quick gaming urge and I am looking forward to testing out new ways to play!"

- Across the Board