Unlike larger publishing companies that have their projects scheduled out years in advance, we choose to only work on one to two projects at a time to ensure our quality is not sacrificed and our projects get our full attention. Terra Nova Games is always looking for our next game to publish. If you think you have a design that would be a good fit for our catalog, send us an email with a sell sheet (what's a sell sheet?) telling us more about your game.

Ideal characteristics we're looking for:
• Play Time: 60 minutes or less
• Player Count: 2-5 players, but solitaire play and 5 or more players a plus
• Game Play: Low downtime between turns, high player interaction, high replayability
• Mechanics: Unique and interesting mechanisms that offer something fresh to the hobby
• Theme: Approchable and family friendly theme that appeals to both casual and hobby gamers
• Complexity: Rules and actions that are easy to learn, are streamlined and elegant, but offer high strategy
• Components: Less than 100 cards, few dice, ideally no custom plastic molds or lots of custom wooden tokens

Distributors & Retailers
Our products are currently in distribution through Mr. B Games (MIB). Please email Sean Brown to learn more about our games and terms.

Have something else you'd like to share with us or ask us? Send us a message here and we'll get back to you promptly!