Announcing "Trick of the Rails"

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Terra Nova Games Announces “TRICK OF THE RAILS” by Hisashi Hayashi

Denver, CO - April 26, 2016

Terra Nova Games is proud to announce their fourth game release, Trick of the Rails, designed by Hisashi Hayashi. Trick of the Rails, based on the rise of the American railway period, is a unique card game combining 18XX-like portfolio management and trick-taking. Some of Hisashi’s other notable designs are Trains, Sail to India, Lost Legacy, Rolling Japan, and String Railway.

In Trick of the Rails, players collect stock certificates and make the companies more valuable by laying the rail network. The game alternates between stock rounds and operating rounds. In stock rounds, the cards played become shares for the players. In operating rounds, the cards played become track for the companies. The companies get trains, which determine how many track cards they can count for their profit (the trains have costs as well, which may lead to companies not making any profit at all) and in the end, players simply count the value of their shares and highest value wins.

Terra Nova Games is extremely excited to work with Okazu and Japon Brand, and they plan to overhaul the art and graphic design when they bring the English version of this license to the American market.

Trick of the Rails will be launching on Kickstarter soon and will be available for demonstration at these upcoming events:

  • ACD Games Day
  • Denver Comic Con
  • Origins Game Fair
  • Gen Con
  • BGG.Con

About Terra Nova Games:
Based in Austin, TX and Denver, CO, Terra Nova Games is a boardgame design and publishing company that was established in February of 2013 as an outlet to share their passion for the hobby with others. Terra Nova Games strives to bring people together in person, to use games as a means of socializing and strategizing around a table of friends. They’ve had three successful Kickstarter campaigns for their previous releases, “Far Space Foundry”, “Ophir”, and “Guile”.

Justin Schaffer, President