A New Year, A New Look

Posted by Justin Schaffer on

Terra Nova Games just celebrated its three year anniversary this week. With that brought a lot of reflection for Robert and I on what we've been able to achieve so far, and what the future holds for us.

Terra Nova Games was created just as a formality to be honest. Back in 2013, I had completed the design of Guile, a few friends liked it, so Robert and I decided to found this company as a hobby project to work on together. We never would have imagined what it's grown into, where it's enabled us to travel to, and all of the awesome people we'd meet along the way.

With us both having full-time jobs we rely on financially, during the past three years we've only been able to work on games on the side in our spare time, although most of the time putting in full-time hours. So far we've been able to publish one game per year as to not overstretch ourselves and to ensure our games got our full attention.

As a small independent company, just like in any other industry, competing with the big names is tough. We don't have development teams, a marketing budget, the finances to afford to go to every convention around the world, or the ability to sign big name designers and artists. Not only do we have to work extremely hard to overcome the challenges of finding and producing awesome games on our own that people want and enjoy, we have to do it alongside the thousands of other games being released into the market from big time corporations that have the resources to produce anything they want.

We love what we get to do with Terra Nova Games, and we'd love to be able to do more of it. We enjoy all of the aspects of the publishing process - from discovering a hidden gem of a game, to choosing an art direction, to meeting all of our customers at cons, and ultimately turning an idea into a reality. I recently changed careers which has provided me more time to invest into getting Terra Nova Games off the ground, and that's our goal for 2016.

After a lot of evaluation, Robert and I are committed to making even more great games, and even more games per year if possible. With a new calendar year and a new milestone achieved with our anniversary, we wanted to launch a new look for Terra Nova Games. So here it is!

Just like the founding of our company, we created our original logo not knowing what our company would grow into. Our goals with this new look were to keep some of the elements of our original logo as an homage per se, but to modernize them in a way that would provide us with a logo that wouldn't get dated so easily. This new look also allows us to utilize different colors in a simple manner to complement the product it's put on in a way that's recognizable regardless of the color scheme used.

We're really excited for this new direction and can't wait to share with you some more announcements soon about what we have in store for you. Here's to Terra Nova Games in 2016 and beyond!